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Tips of choosing the fixed ceiling lights

In the big local store, When we purchase the products, we had better choose the products with 3C authentication. When we purchase the products, there are many Different kinds of products, They are brand, house type and voltage and power, we could check ook Whether the wire is equipped with 3C authentication, the outline would 0.75mm without, at the same time WE ALSO could check the wire is out When we install the wire is out or not, after we install the screw base, our finger would touch the metal fixture.

Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Choosing high end touch type, it could not touch the Protecting type, there are Several kinds of ceiling lights, we could touch the ceiling lights, we could not touch the three kinds of types.

Tips of using the lamps

After we purchase the lights or LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, we had better not install the lamps, we had better read the instructions of reading books, we could follow the tips, we could not install the lamps, we could use the lights according to one the tips.

We could change the bulb according to one Provided the bulb, When The bulb gets red, we could change the bulb Immediately, in case of the dangerous condition.
Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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