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How to purchase good ceiling lights?

First we could go to the professional store and ask for the invoice, we had better not purchase the cheap products. Second result Protecting the electric and heat of hate, then we could check if the product is right.

We could check the product is complete, the professional would remark without very professional, there is the remark, factory house, power and rated frequency, we could check the type could without the harmony with the type in the safety certification.

antique chandeliers

We cold check the wire, the whole area would no over 0.75mm2, we could check out the light from the line, after we install the lights, our finger would not touch the metal light.

Safety of ceiling lights, When The crystal chandeliers and ceiling lights happen, that ‘That would tell us, it is important for us to install the ceiling lights and chandeliers, When we install the crystal chandeliers, antique chandeliers of wrought iron chandeliers, we need to Add keel and ceiling, Which could užtikrinti safety and stable.

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