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How to maintain lights in our daily life?

How to install lights? That could be good premise, lights are easy to be damaged, sometime it would burn and dangerous. In our living condition, it is careful for us to install the lights.

Since there is shade in the Bathroom Wall Sconces, otherwise that would shorten the life. Kitchen lamp would be equipped with smoke, since too much smoke influence brightness of light, we had better choose pale color, at the same time, it is bad for us to get the rust, we had better scrub the bathroom, which could influence the light. In general speaking, do not install lights in the position with moisture.

Bathroom Wall Sconces

Change the bulbs always

If you use the bulbs for long time, that could be red and dark at the bottom of the bulb, then we had better change it in time. In general speaking, there would be remarked with valid time, it is helpful for us to change the old bulb. There is thick dust on surface of the lamps, which could influence our vision, we had better clear the bulbs always, when we clean the lamp, do not miss and install the lamps.
Bathroom Wall Sconces
In general, our lamps could be scrubbed with cloth, which could notice moisture, if lights are metal fixture, we could scrub it with wet cloth.

Do not turn on and off the lights, since when we turn on the lights, the bulb would be with high temperature, that could reduce its life, since we had better reduce the times of turning on and off lights.

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