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Cloud type chandeliers

The Animation Domination High Definition cartoon channel invited the FriendsWithYou group, which could put the 5 cloud chandeliers.

The simple type would leave us deep impression, small LED plate would reflect the basic color with blown glass, that could let the layout impression.


Every Small Chandeliers would be on smile face, when the guests go upstairs, they would be welcomed with 5 clouds, that is very cute. FriendWithYou group would be established in 2002, that could propaganda with the art embellishment, that could be installed to show the lucky and friendship. At the same time, the cloud theme would be the brand.

Designer would be made of three different kinds of bulbs in different colors, we could show the image and creative through our mind, which could make the unique interior lighting world.

The above could be the cloud type chandeliers, hope these could help you more in purchasing, different type of chandeliers would be used in different home decoration.

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